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Kiss Kiss Kill Kill

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kissing bandidta needs your help!
Did somebody just steal a kiss from you?

Oh my God! You've been snogged by a kissing bandit!

Recently, the Department of Homeland Security announced an international ring of kissing thievery is operating on American soil! Yet, with our troops deployed in the gulf and our domestic efforts focused on Hurricane Katrina relief, there is insufficient law enforcement agencies that can prevent the Kissing Bandits from stealing kisses right from under your nose!

The Deputy Secretary of DHS has issued this warning to all U.S. citizens regarding the Kissing Bandits and the Army of Love: "Be prepared. The Kissing Bandits are coming to a town near you. Resistance is futile! Our best advice is to pucker up and prepare to be snogged!"

In an effort to advance the cause of spreading love and peace, we advocate the rally cry of Major Bomb, the leader of the Kissing Bandits and the Army of Love: KEEP ON KISSING IN A FREE WORLD!

Just remember this:
a kiss is just a kiss!